Family operated import and wholesale business commenced, based in the rear shed of an old house in Cronulla,  in the southern suburbs of Sydney, Australia.

Initially identifying a need for quality stationary and then souvenir products, the firm grew quickly to service national chains and retailers.  Partnering with other well established distribution companies, importing significant volumes and taking national distribution agencies. Thus - introducing a New Zealand commercial Lanolin skin care range,  albeit via an agreement to distribute, quickly partnering nationwide and quickly developing the market.

In the mid 80's, the family introduced and developed Lanolin Beauty Cream with Vitamin E - what was to be the basis for an ongoing and fruitful business. The family founded one of Australia's first lanolin based skin care ranges. Developed over the years to include lotions and moisturisers with various qualities.  Several products produced in the early years were discontinued through lack of commercial acceptance. As with any growing business,  much was tried, formulations tested, rejected and eventually perfected to be developed


LB Lanolin, successfully introduced to the market for several years now, undergoes further product development. A rising brand needs constant refreshment, having proven an active market, LB Lanolin seeks to grow within the environment, reaching out to meet the consumer needs. Customer feedback, general dissatisfaction with other non natural chemicalised skin care re-enforces our vision of developing our second generation skin care products.

More sampling, testing, refining and sourcing of organic natural oils and essences. Sticking true to the founding principals of sustainability, efficacy and use of natural organics rather than petroleum by products. Late 2015 will see the introduction of LB Lanolin Skin Toner, skin Foundation, coloured lip balms, lip-stick variants, body wash and Body scrub products.


1980's - 2000's

Several years of development, market expansion, introduction to export markets - progressive product enhancement, refining of product packaging, the original brand had some phenomenal growth and success. The original family firm was corporatised and passed to the founding family's oldest son.




The sad passing of the then owner of the  firm, the subsequent removal of any and all original family members from any activities within the original firm led to the introduction of LB Lanolin

Lanolin Beauty Pty Ltd was formally registered and introduced to the Australian Market with an extensive range of products, now marketed under the universally recognised LB Lanolin Brand. After several years of planning and development, an officially launched in August 2014, the range has grown quickly to encompass the basics of skin treatments utilising the latest in organic essential oils and natural Australian Lanolin. 

The founding principals of sustainability, purity and cleanliness surround the opportunities available, Lanolin Beauty Pty Ltd aims to harness the demand, produce to the quality and develop lanolin as the foremost category of skin care ranges in the world.